Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker - assessment of the degree of uniqueness, identification of low-quality rewriting, determination of the share of borrowings, indicating specific sites of your text. Also, the service takes into account the change in the form of words and their rearrangement, does not take into account the common words that search engines do not take into account (the definition of "water" in the text).


The service allows you to quickly find spelling, grammatical (correct word formation and construction of sentences) and some punctuation errors in your text. The program will show you possible options for correcting errors. To learn more about a specific error, hover the pointer over the required area, a pop-up window will contain a description of the error and options for fixing it.

Synonymizer (selection of synonyms)

The service allows you to easily rewrite the text without losing meaning, choosing the appropriate synonyms for words. The synonymizer finds suitable words not only by the dictionary, but also by the meaning, dilutes the text not only with literary words, but also with sayings used in everyday life. The synonymizer works in 2 modes.


Count the number of words, characters in the text with and without spaces.

Find and replace

Service for finding words in the text and replacing them. Features: case sensitivity, search for whole words, use of regular expressions.

Make a word from the given letters

The service allows you to create common words from a given word or set of letters in Russian.

Decipher or compose an anagram

Textovod.Anagram-decipher or compose an anagram for free online.

Insert the missing letters into the words

Use a dot instead of the letter you want to insert.


Automatic clause parse with characteristic.

Morphological sentence parsing

Morphological information for each word in the sentence.

Parts of speech in a sentence

Identify and indicate parts of speech in a sentence

Parse sentence by member

Automatic parsing of sentences by member

Phonetic word parsing

Perform sound-letter (phonetic) parsing of the word, write down the transcription.

Morphological analysis of the word

Detailed morphological information of the word and its forms.

Stress the word

How to stress a word correctly

Match words of the same root

Service for finding the same root words

Punctuation Checker

Place punctuation marks and check for errors

Finding the main idea

Identify and write down the main idea of the text

Define statements matching the text

Automatic detection of statements, statements corresponding to the text with indication of answer numbers

Automatic text rewriting

Rewrite the text in other words while preserving the meaning.

Title text automatically

Create and write title for text automatically

Antirewrite - check the uniqueness of the meaning of the text. Evaluation of the quality of the rewrite.

Assessing the quality of the rewrite. Check the text for uniqueness of meaning.

Anti GPT - detect generated texts

Assess the text for the probability of being generated by neural networks

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