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The service for checking the uniqueness of Textovod.Unique (plagiarism checker free online) checks texts for anti-plagiarism.

How many characters can be checked for uniqueness?

Guests of our site have the opportunity to check 10 thousand characters.
By becoming a registered user, you have access to 15 thousand characters.
If you have a large text up to 200 thousand characters, use the PRO checker. A separate queue will be created for you. This means that the scan speed will be much faster.

What are the advantages of Textovod plagiarism detector?

The improved anti-plagiarism technique allows you to make the uniqueness check better and more effective.
The Textovod service finds plagiarism after rearranging words, phrases, sentences within the text. It will not be possible to achieve high uniqueness by replacing every third (or fourth) word. Changing cases, times, faces will also not deceive the program.
Please note that our service automatically checks every job and Yandex.Zen.

How to use the program?

To check the text, paste it into the work field and click the `` Uniqueness '' button.

The program will show the percentage of your text uniqueness.
Up to 10% - full double.
This means that such a text has already been written.
10-30% - unsatisfactory.
The text needs to be revised.
30-60% - satisfactory.
It is recommended to rework the text.
60-80% is good.
This percentage is suitable for most texts.
80% and above - excellent.
You have achieved an excellent result - you have a unique text.

Antiplagiat provides a list of borrowing sources. To see what part of the text was taken from a particular site, click on the percentage of similarity (the number is indicated in brackets next to the web address). In this case, the service will highlight the borrowed parts of the text.

To check the next text, click on the Clear button.

How to achieve high uniqueness?

Pay attention to the highlighted places in the text. The fewer such areas, the higher the uniqueness. Work with the highlighted words more closely. Find synonyms, rephrase sentences.

Check results are stored for 7 days.