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The 'Textovod Uniqueness' project is designed for free, fast, online checking of your text for internet plagiarism.

Our program not only assesses the quality but also highlights sections of the text that need improvement.

According to our software algorithms, a text that achieves 80-85% uniqueness is considered original.

Remember that you can increase the uniqueness percentage of your work using free auto-rewrite and synonymizer services.

Without registration:

10,000 characters per check,

unlimited number of checks.

Registered users:

  • 15,000 characters per check,
  • unlimited number of checks.

For a more productive, fast, and high-quality check, we recommend using the PRO version:

  • 200,000 characters,
  • unlimited usage,
  • personal fast-track queue for checking,
  • ad-free experience.

To activate the PRO package, you need to top up your balance. This option is automatically enabled immediately after a successful payment.

You can pay for the service using a convenient method for you: online banking, cards, electronic payments.

Our achievements:

  • To detect literary borrowing, we utilize only state-of-the-art techniques.
  • No chatbots with artificial intelligence for improving uniqueness will go unnoticed by our Anti GPT.
  • Changing word forms and their positions in a sentence will not hinder our program from detecting plagiarism.

'Textovod Antiplagiarism' works with different languages!

Service operation:

Upload your text to the working window, click 'Uniqueness.'

***You can always remove the text from the window with a single click of 'Clear.'

The result of the check will be a text with different color-highlighted borrowed fragments.

Additionally, you will see a list of website links from which the material was taken.

The color of the link corresponds to the highlighted text in percentage.

'Textovod Uniqueness' also indicates the number of characters and words.

***Recommendation: Edit large chunks of borrowed text. This will help quickly and effectively increase the uniqueness percentage of your text.

You can find the results of the check in the history. They will be available for 7 days.

To exclude a specific domain from plagiarism search, enter 'deny:' followed by the domain in the first line (above the text).