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The character counting service makes it possible, in a matter of seconds and completely free of charge, to count the number of characters in the text, find out the number of characters without spaces, and also determine how many words are in the text.

Who uses the character counting service?

All copywriters, rewriters who work with texts. Any customer of the text has its own requirements for the work performed (technical task). As a rule, in such a task, the following are voiced: topic, type of text, purpose of the work, its uniqueness, text structure. Also, the site owner indicates the desired literacy of the author. But the main criterion & mdash; this is the number of characters. After all, these data are needed to calculate the cost of work. Basically, all writers get paid based on the cost of 1000 characters.

Students and schoolchildren who write presentations, term papers, diploma theses - also track the volume of their work for compliance with the teacher's requirements.

Teachers check the work of their students for the ratio of the number of characters in the work and in the task.

Webmasters, SEOs. Website owners use this service to check the work of the authors.

People whose professions are related to Internet marketing or SEO - services, count the number of characters in their ads. After all, ad networks have a limit on the number of characters in an ad.

All these users will easily, absolutely accurately and free of charge count the number of words, as well as characters with and without spaces.

How to use the service?

Paste the text you copied into the special window. The program will automatically calculate the number of characters and words in your document.

Why choose character counting service?

The platform is a meeting place for customers and contractors. On our site, the author prepares the work according to the specific requirements of the customer. In order to comply with the limit on the number of characters, you need to clearly monitor this while writing the text.

It is convenient to prepare an article or post and simultaneously monitor all parameters in one place.

The customer carries out a check for compliance with the number of characters right there, so there will be no discrepancies (as happens in different programs).