Which of the statements correspond to the content of the text

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The service sorts statements by percentage of matching & nbsp; text content.

Values ​​equal to or greater than the median of similarity of statements are highlighted in green, values ​​less than the median are highlighted in red.

In the case when the text of the statement does not directly echo the original text & mdash; errors are possible. If the answer option does not contain any words from the text, mistakes are likely.

It is also important to understand that the source text can have only one content set by the author. But for different readers, the content may have different meanings, or not have them at all.

Why this service?

It is necessary to determine the content of the text in order to find out why the writer wrote the text, what he planned to convey to the reader.

After all, the content of the text & mdash; it is a fundamental property of language, conditioned by thinking.

How to determine which statements match the content of the text?

At school, such tasks are often given. Quite often such questions come across on VLOOKUP and USE.

Using our service is easy:

  1. Insert the original text into the workspace.
  2. Add statements in separate boxes.
  3. Click the define button.


The program determines how much each statement matches the text and sorts them in the order of matching. Next to each statement number, the percentage of match (the probability of a correct answer) is indicated.

You can add 10 sentences in total, 500 characters each.

How big can the text be used?

If you purchase the PRO version, you can work with text up to 100 thousand characters. And that's about 17 thousand words and 40 pages!

If you are a registered user, then 15 thousand characters (6 pages of text) are available to you.

If you are using the service as a guest & mdash; then count on 10 thousand characters (about 4 pages).


- If the text is large and does not fit into the field of view, drag the frame (bottom, right) and the window will become larger.

- If the task allows multiple answers, choose the highest percentage.

For example:

1. 41% Textovod & mdash; the best website for text services.

2. 40% Textovod & mdash; develops its programs every day.

3. 18% Textovod has all services for free.

& nbsp;

Correct answers: 1, 2

And you can, following all the rules, independently determine the content of the text:

1. Read carefully the text from the assignment.

2. Determine what the text is about (understand the purpose of the statement, its topic, find out the main idea).

3. Read each paragraph separately and identify its main sentence. To do this, you need to use keywords that define the essence of the text. The offer can be written on a separate piece of paper or underlined.

4. Reduce each sentence to a phrase containing only deep meaning.

5. Link the phrases obtained from each paragraph in 1-2 sentences.

6. Pay close attention to factual information (proper names, numbers, etc.)

7. Choose from the sentences offered in the task that is closest to the sentence that you got.

Write your comments with suggestions and wishes. All fives!