Finding the main idea of the text

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The service selects the most important sentences from the text.

The main idea of ​​the text is the most important thing that the author wanted to convey to his reader.

When working with literature, you just need to be able to identify the main idea.

When you work with hypertext, it can be very difficult to isolate the main point of the narrator.

Our program is aimed at simplifying this type of work.

Who is this online service for?

Schoolchildren and students. Throughout the entire education at school, such exercises are set. Also, there are similar tasks in the exam. Being able to find the main meaning of the text leads to the best memorization of information.
People working with a large amount of texts. Our algorithm allows you to reduce the time for reading, thereby increasing labor productivity.
The service is very easy to use.

Copy your text to the clipboard and then paste it into the working window of this program.

Click the Define button.

The service automatically detects and records the main idea of ​​the text.

How it works?

The program reads your text.
Then the service analyzes keywords and phrases, as well as their synonyms. Key words are repeated many times in the text. This is a fundamental point, since "keywords" carry the main idea of ​​any text.
Next, the algorithm examines subheadings and paragraphs. By dividing the text into paragraphs, the author creates micro themes. Thus, the semantic, important parts for him, revealing the topic, are differentiated.
Then the logical chain is examined. The program traces the development of the logic of the story throughout the text. This operation is very important for identifying the main message of the text.
If, along with the text, you entered its name, this simplifies the work of the service. After all, the title of the text is probably part of the main idea of ​​the whole text. Although headlines are metaphorical, paradoxical and associative.
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Limitations on the number of characters:

site guests have the right to use 10 thousand characters at a time,
registered users can check 15 thousand characters at once.
200 thousand characters are available for the happy owners of the PRO version, as well as disable advertising and a separate queue. Refill your balance before using this version.