Antirewrite - checking the uniqueness of the meaning of the text. Evaluation of the quality of the rewrite.

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The Anti-Rewrite Textovod service allows you to check the text for the uniqueness of its meaning. Unlike classic anti-plagiarism, the service defines rewritten expressions in other words while preserving the meaning (rewriting).

How to use the service

  1. Paste the source text in the box and click Run. Depending on the queue and the amount of text, wait for the result. Guests can check 300 characters at a time, users - 400 characters, when using the PRO version - 100,000 characters in one operation. The PRO version allows you to do anti-rewriting of large texts, having priority in the queue.
  2. Click on highlighted sentences for more detailed source information: example phrases, % similarity, source citations.

Anti-Rewrite Features:

  1. Finds phrases borrowed from other languages ​​as sources.
  2. Evaluation is by sentence and paragraph, so be sure to use proper sentence and paragraph breaks for accurate results.
  3. Pay special attention to the red and yellow areas.

Results are stored in history 7 days