Anti GPT - definition of generated texts

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Anti GPT service helps to identify texts generated by neural network models, rewritten texts without novelty of thought.

How does the service work?

  • Neural network models generate texts based on the texts on which they are trained — information for training is taken from open sources and, as a rule, is outdated. The service defines texts generated from open sources.
  • Anti-GPT uses a specially trained model to determine the novelty of thoughts in a text.
  • Anti-GPT also attempts to identify texts that are machine translated from another language, as the translation does not increase the uniqueness of the meaning of the text.

Distinguishing features of generated texts:

  • Uniform uniqueness of meaning across texts, as a rule, no higher than 50%
  • Some very non-unique offers

The generated test will be mostly in gray color, the rule gets "Satisfactory. It is desirable to finalize the text.".

Results are stored in history 7 days